Why would you want to use Javascript? Just have some code at the top of 
each page which
-checks for the cookie
-if it doesn't exist
    -identify customer, login page or however you choose
    -set cookie
    -update database
-if it does exist
    -update the database with some information pertinent to that page

Or are these straight HTML pages, thus the need for Javascript to do 
something? I don't konw a lot of Javascript, but you could have it pop open 
a PHP page in a child browser window, back in the Z-order so that it would 
be behind your "main" page (only for Internet Explorer), and use it to do 
the above steps.

For every page transition you would have to pass the appropriate parameters 
to the child window and force it to refresh. You will have some trouble 
with people who have Javascript and cookies turned off.

As I said, I don't know Javascript, so this is just off the top of my head. 
A straight PHP solution would be preferable and I assume it's not possible 
either because the ISP doesn't host it or for some political reason.

Miles Thompson

At 10:28 PM 1/6/2002 -0500, Richard Spangenberg wrote:
>Hello, - for something a little different...
>Does anyone have experience using Javascript on remote server html delivered
>pages to capture data in a PHP MySQL database resident at my domain.
>I would like to build a customer profile database for a customer using a
>permanent cookie on a visitor's browser client to ID them and track their
>visits by page over time.  This is similar to a live or remote web
>statistics process for a session but posting to a mysql database by some
>mapped category by page in addition to the web stats.  I'd like to track
>both the session and by posting to a visitor database, long term trends as
>Any suggestions would be appreciated.
>Thanks, Rick
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