Hi everibody
I have Apache running under Linux SuSE 7.2 with PHP/4.0.4pl1
The server the Linux and the php instalation is the standart
SuSE package instalation from the SuSE install cd-s so, everithing is
fine except one thing:
calling this test.php script in browser window:



#echo 'the constant is: ' . _Sc . '<br />';

echo 'Test:' . _Sc ;
        echo 'Test: false';


... gives only on first time the excpected output:

        Test: Test

after reloading a few times the script returns some strange
output like :

        Test: /&%/(&%

or something like this, sometimes some values of other constants
then some characters and sometimes the server hangs up.. so that means
that the httpd process dies and the process SSL hangs up, and i have to
kill it manualy in order to be able to start up the server again.

one small detail:

calling the same script from the shell:

shell:> ./test.php



define("_Sc","hi hu hi\n");

#echo 'the constant is: ' . _Sc . '<br />';

echo 'ja:' . _Sc ;
        echo 'nein';


.. returns allways the excpected output without errors

so my idea is that this may be a mod_php4 problem,
but i wonder if i am the only one that have this problemm yet
becoase i have the standart instalation from SuSe CD

Do anyone have some similar problemm and if yes how would you
suggest to solwe this?

I hasitate to uninstal php or apache becouse this is a customer server
and i did not foud some updates or patches by SuSE for this,
strange is that i did not heared about someone having this problem



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