Ur quest is not clear.
Whether u want to delete everything upto <body> tag or only <html> tags
up to body tag.

anyway this might work for the former.

$parsed = preg_replace("/\\n/","",$html); // to remove  '\n' in HTML file
$parsed = preg_replace("/^(<html>.*)(<body.*)/","\\2",$parsed);  // to
remove string upto "<body>" tag


On Mon, 7 Jan 2002, WB wrote:

> Hi,
> Hi i need to strip out the <html> up  to the <body> tag.
> For some reason, my function,
>          preg_replace( "/<html(.*)body(.*)>" , " " , $body );
> does not work.
> Ok I am not really brilliant at regular expressions ...
> Help?
> Jay

S.Murali Krishna
We grow slow trying to be great
                   - E. Stanley Jones

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