Why not just use an auto_prepend rule in your config and prepend that bit 
of PHP code automatically without touching the FrontPage-generated crap?


On Mon, 7 Jan 2002, Miles Thompson wrote:

> I have a client which edits all his PHP pages as HTML files in MSFT Front 
> Page. That's not been a problem until now, as the pages are all straight 
> HTML except for a bit at the very top.
> Here's the problem. We need this line at the top of the page, ahead of the 
> <HTML> tag, for an automatic login routine:
> <? session_start();session_register( "origin" );$origin=$PHP_SELF;  ..and a 
> bunch of stuff ... ?>
> Front Page insists on doing this to the line:
> <? session_start();session_register( "origin" );$origin= " $PHP_SELF; " 
> ..and a bunch of stuff ... ?>,
> putting quotation marks around $PHP_SELF; like so : "$PHP_SELF;"
> Needless to say this causes parse errors. I can open the file in the HTML 
> tag of Front Page, eliminate the quotes and save it. When I reopen the file 
> the quotes have reappeared.
> I have removed the file from the Front Page web, edited it using a plain 
> ASCII editor, then reloaded it. Guess what, the quotes magically reappear.
> Does anyone have any suggestions? It's Front Page 98 by the way.
> For those of you who are wondering how I change these files to PHP I just 
> parse them after they are uploaded to the server, changing all links to 
> point to .php rather than .html and saving the changed files with .php 
> extensions.
> Regards - Miles Thompson

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