On Thu, Jan 03, 2002 at 10:42:30AM -0700, Quinn Perkins wrote:
> I have installed OpenLDAP 2.x on an OS X Server 10.1.2 box. Everything 
> seems to be fine. I have written a simple PHP front end to modify LDAP 
> values. I can modify values in the core.schema without any problem, but 
> if I try to modify anything in cosine.schema or inetorgperson.schema, I 
> get an error (Warning: LDAP: modify operation could not be completed. in 
> ldapeditor.b2.php on line 247)
> This ONLY happens when I try and modify a value in a schema other than 
> core.schema. The project I am working on will require use of cosine and 
> inetorgperson schemas. This is a test page to make sure I can read/write 
> values.

I see you don't modify the object class, does the current object class
allow the new attributes. If say the current class is person, you will
get an error.

You could also try to look at your slapd log. You could also get a
lot of useful info from slapd by starting it in debug mode (-d7) or
some other number than 7 perhaps.


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