On Tuesday 08 January 2002 14:18, Zhang, Leon (STHK/Zh) wrote:
> $subdata has been changed before
> then $data[$index]=implode(",", $subdata); <<<<<----------what should I
> change here ?
> rewrite the file like this :
> $data[$index]=$data[$index];
> $fp=fopen($datafile,"w+");
>         $a=0;
>         do{
>         fputs($fp,$data[$a]);<<<<<----------or here?.
>         $a++;
>         }while($a<count($data));
> fclose($fp);
> however if one line of the $datab has been implode with $subdata ,there
> will not be a 'return' in the final text file ,
> this line just is joined with the next line ,what should I do here to add
> the $data as a single line?

Not sure if I understand you correctly. If you just want to add a newline 
character then you can try this:

  $data[$index]=implode(",", $subdata) . "\n";

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