For those of you who use the cURL extension, the underlying library
    is putting up a little questionaire, to help get a better idea of
    what the cURL user community wants, feel free to go ahead and
    participate, the URL (without reading the attachment :) is:


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Hello fellow curl users!

I'd like to ask you all who read this to skip over to the curl web site and
fill in the questionnaire regarding various aspects of curl.

I want to know what we all think of curl, what the general people think is
important, what's bad, what's good and where to put the most focus in the
immediate future development.

There are ten quickly answered questions that'll only take you a few minutes
to fill in.

Give me your view of things on this URL:

I appreciate if you fill in your opinion only once for each individual.

    Daniel Stenberg -- curl groks URLs --

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