In addition to Henning Sprang's fine solutions, you can also do the following (given 
you use PHP 4);

<? $xmp_width = 5;
     $xmp_tdcolor = "#FF0000";
     $xmp_text = "Some text";

   echo <<<EOF

<TABLE WIDTH="{$xmp_width}">
<TR><TD COLOR="{$xmp_tdcolor}">$xmp_text</TD></TR>


Note that the {} around your variables are optional, they will not be included in the 
output but can be used to avoid confusion.



On Wed, 9 Jan 2002 15:00:55 +0700, universal2001 wrote:

>Hi again!
>Thanks for the reply!
>I still have another question:
>I want to create a recycleable code by printing a set of html code which I
>copied and paste from my html edittor.
>however because there are lots of quotation marks on the html code it result
>an error page.

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