> Hi all,
> I've got a regex that's working fine, apart from one little problem.
> $tags = array ("script",
>                "<!--<!\[CDATA\[",
>                "\]\]>-->");

A quick shot (perhaps I miss the point ;): if you do
$x = "\[";
then $x will contain "[". If you then do a regex with preg_match("/$x/",
..." eg. then it get's evaluated as preg_match("/[/", ...
If you want the [ to be escaped in the regex you have to "double-escape" it:
$x = "\ \["; (sorry, the two \ should be together without a space but my
stupid mail-app converts the string thinking it's an network address)
so $x will contain "\[" as you want ( the first backslash escapes the

> foreach ($tags as $currentTag)
>   if (preg_match ("/^<\/". $currentTag. "/", $content))
>     // do something
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I hope I didn't miss the point and could help you
best regards
Stefan Rusterholz

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