I am a newbie to programming,  ASP is easier to learn?  I heard PHP was

At 04:48 PM 1/9/2002 +0100, Robert Klinkenberg wrote:
>Well, I personally prefer PHP over ASP because better support from
>webhosting companies, but ASP has some good points.
>This is especially the case if you can setup the complete hosting
>environment yourself and have some money to spend.
>First of all databases. PHP has support for a limited but interesting list
>of databases, especially the support for mysql and postgres is handy for a
>webserver. On the other hand, ASP has good support for most bussiness
>servers (ORACLE MS SQL Server,....) with OLE-DB and a lot more databases
>with ODBC.
>The development tools. Definately a win for ASP (with vb.net C# and C++ you
>have a complete IDE and with Dreamweaver Ultradev you can pretty much point
>and click. SO you can choose whatever tool you like.
>PHP has very limited IDE's.
>Price. ASP solutions are mostly build with Windows 2000 Server and MS SQL
>Server or Oracle and an expensive IDE. So it's pretty expensive to build.
>PHP is mostly used with Linux, Apache and MySQL and is a lot cheaper (you
>only need to buy the hardware and the software is virtually free)
>Programming language: This is off course a personal taste but with ASP
>(.net) you can use VB/C++/C#. So if you are used to VB or C++ it's a bit
>easier to start with.
>Modules. Both have a lot of free tools available. However I personally find
>the PHP modules more usefull. (With the exception of the Crystal Report
>generator in .net, pretty usable reports without a lot of work).
>It's a bit easier for a novice to get started with ASP as with PHP, and it's
>pertty easy to make the project look good.
>So, if you have the cash and some inexperienced programmers working for you
>ASP is the save bet. If you have a small company, are a student, depend on
>webhosting or are a pretty experienced programmer, PHP might be a better
>Robert Klinkenberg
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