Well being a former ASP programmer and a current PHP programmer I think 
I can help you there.

The key point is ease of use. PHP provides far more functionality than 
ASP (try finding a function to print out the date in ASP.. yeah, I 
thought so), while at the same time giving you access to low-level areas 
of the language so that you can really make it do whatever you want.

Oh yeah, and it's OpenSource. Make it do what you want, and if that 
doesn't suit your fancy, then change it :)

ASP costs $$$$ -- the server (be it Windows or Unix-based) is gonna cost 
ya, any extensions to do more advanced things (such as creating images 
on the fly) is gonna cost ya.. cost cost cost.

With ASP I was constantly running into roadblocks because of the way it 
works. Let's take form submission.. or beyond that.. uploading FILES. 
You can do it the long, hard way (write your own MIME handler and parse 
the incoming binary data), or the easy way (shell out $$$ to pay for a 
"professional" activex com object to do the job for you).

And if that wasn't enough. ASP is just plain slower.

Well, that's my 2 cents. There's plenty of more points that could be 
said, but I think this should give you some good arguments to start with.


Jake wrote:

> Hello there, I need some help.
> I have to do a technical report(about 2200 words) comparing PHP to ASP.  I
> have already decided to make PHP the winner becasue it is superior.  But I
> am kinda stumped on what areas to compare the two.
> If you could help me out in suggesting some possible areas of comparison.
> Keeping in mind that I need about the same amount of info on both PHP and
> ASP.  Also if you could point me in the right direction by including some
> web links that deal with the topic.
> Thank You,
> Jake

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