Just a quick question -- I'm temporarily unsubbed so if anyone could CC 
me directly that would be great.

I'm trying to write my code in accordance with the PHP 4.1.0 security 
advisory -- that is, I want to use the $_GET and $_POST arrays when 
grabbing variables passed with GET and POST forms.  But how should I 
construct the variables for a "switch" statement?  I'm left confused, 
since these aren't written with the "$" prefix as most variables are...
Should it be:
        case "_POST['insert']"

or should it be:
        case "$_POST['select']"


Thanks very much!


PS: I can't test it myself b/c my php.ini file is "register_globals=on" 
so I won't know the difference, but I'm curious for all future code I 
write to be compatible.

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