> Hey guys,
> Has anyone used this before?? If so, is it a pain in the a$$? 
> I read the
> documentation.. and sounds like you would need to re-code your
> authentication system, sessions blah blah to work with it? or 
> am i going waaaaaay of target here??
> All i wanna do is, customize my html... i dont wanna recode 
> my sessions code

PHPLib is a collection of classes. You can use some parts of it without
using all of it. I don't know what it offers in the way of tools to
customize HTML. PHP's native sessions are easier to work with than PHPLib's
sessions, IMHO, so yes, stay away from the session management. You'll just
have to see if there is anything there useful to you, then figure out if
that piece can be broken out separately.


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