If I understand you correctly, use Javascript to open a second browser 
window for url_2.

Miles Thompson

At 02:49 PM 1/10/2002 -0200, Rodrigo Peres wrote:
>Dear List,
>I have this sql command that grabs a result of 3 tables. What i want is if
>there's a way to do a while printing the site and url and after it's finish
>begin, printing site_2 and url_2.
>SELECT celebridades.*, links_relacionados.Nome_Link as
>site,links_relacionados.Url_link as url, fanclubes.Nome as
>site_2,fanclubes.Site as url_2
>  FROM celebridades LEFT JOIN links_relacionados ON
>links_relacionados.CelebID=celebridades.CelebID LEFT JOIN fanclubes ON
>fanclubes.CelebID=celebridades.CelebID WHERE celebridades.CelebID='$celebID'
>Thank's in advance
>Rodrigo Peres
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