Thanks to the help of Philip Hallstrom we discovered a solution to my
problem.  I'm posting it for posterity.

Apache seems to be able to use the mime type for SetHandler, so...

SetHandler application/x-httpd-php perfectly.


C J Michaels wrote in message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>...
>Server version: Apache/1.3.22 (Unix) + mod_php/4.1.1
>Short Question:
>What is php's apache handler, i.e. for use with the "SetHandler" statement?
>Longer Version:
>I would like to parse every URI that is requested on a certain VirtualHost,
>through a specific PHP script.  I have _almost_ figgured out a way to do it
>but I've run into one snag.  Below is the config I am using.
>I am using "Action" to assign a handler to a specific php script and then
>using "SetHandler" in the VHost to use that script.
>If I use a script that is not in a directory that falls under the one I
>specified "SetHandler" in it works fine.  If the script falls under the
>dir that has the "SetHandler" specified, I get sucked into a loop.  I'll
>eventually get an error to the effect of:
>The kicker here being, is that I want EVERY url on the server to be
>processed by the .php script I specify, so everything on that server (even
>the script) falls under the "SetHandler" directive.
>I cannot seem to find a way to disable the "SetHandler" but I can specify a
>new one.  Problem is, I have no clue what to use for the "SetHandler"
>statement that would force it to be processed by php.
>Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  I'm open to alternate
>solutions to my root problem.
><VirtualHost *:80>
>DocumentRoot /usr/local/www/myserver
>Action php-parse /path-to/script.php
><Directory "/usr/local/www/myserver">
> SetHandler php-parse
> allow from all
> order allow,deny

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