$t = "Var_" . $Num_State;
$Var_Call= $$t;


$Var_Call= ${"Var_" . $Num_State};


On Thu, 10 Jan 2002 17:00:51 -0600, Yoed wrote:

>I never really found the trick to this one yet, and wanted to see what you
>guys say is the best methods to call a variable that needs a variable.
>Say I have variables called $Var_1_Stat, $Var_2_Stat, and $Var_3_Stat
>and I have a variable called $Nums thats value is either 1, 2, or 3.
>How then would I go about calling $Var_Call=$Var_$Num_Stat ? Or
>$Var_Call="$Var_$Num_State".... hmm not hat wouldn't work?
>So what do you guys suggest?
>No if statements... since I want to know a way that can be used if I have
>more then just 3 or a limited ammount of varaibles.

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