Austin Gonyou wrote:

> The real question I suppose is how could I parse this type
> of output into something I could use to make a graph.
> Example:
> 12:20:00 PM       CPU     %user     %nice   %system     %idle
> 12:30:00 PM       all      2.17      0.79      0.77     96.27

 > Problem is I'm not sure how to go about breaking up the rows
 > to allow them to be inserted into the db. Thanks in advance for
 > any ideas.

I guess fields are separated with tabs? Then just use split, as in:

list($time,$cpu,$ser,$nice,$ststem, $idle)= split ("\t", $line);

Then build your INSERT sql clause. Graph building is then a simple 
matter of passing the data as arrays to your php graph system.

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