If you want some parameters which will be pass in your site, you can use "session"
for example, you have parameters, fooa, foob,  fooc, ... etc..
$fooa = 1;
$foob = "sait";
    //  you do,
then you can use  them everywhere in your site as "$fooa", "$foob", "$fooc".
You can change it's value. you can unset with
Be carefull that, your paramater is $fooa, you should register it without $
   session_register("fooa");  // No $ at the beginning of the paramater...
And you should put session_start()  at the top of the page, if you will use these parameters in that PHP file...
Also, you can use COOKIES...! I dont prefer in general ... and do NOT session_register a password or a credit card number, for security reasons...
good works...
-------Original Message-------
Date: 11 Ocak 2002 Cuma 14:13:41
Subject: [PHP] passing parameters from one page to another
Hello everybody

I want from a Form page to pass a couple of values (fooa, foob, fooc)
which are not form fields
when submit button pressed to the submited page...

thanks in advance for your help


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