Erik Price wrote:

> what function is used to remove an array element from an array?  Like 
> array_pop(), except one by which I can refer to the element by its 
> associative index rather than just the last element of the array.

> For more detail with what I'm doing, I have two versions of a <select> 
> listbox -- one that includes an <option> with selected="yes" (if the 
> user is calling this page from submitting a form).  The other version is 
> for users who are NOT calling this page from submitting a form, i.e. for 
> the first time.
> I would like, in the first version (if ($formfilled)), to REMOVE the 
> element $temprow['div_name'] from the array $temprow so that it doesn't 
> appear a second time (in the WHILE loop), since it has already been 
> echoed above the WHILE loop.
> Is this even possible?

I would do it another way.

say you have all the possible choices in an array that come out of a 
database, and ypou want, if the user already selected one, this one to 
be selected, right?
Then i would set the selected atribute only if the value out of the 
database is the same as the one submitted by the form:

like this (omitting the surrounding html):

$query= "select distinct * from sometable";


// the select field is named selectfield,

echo "<form name=\"myform\" action=\"$PHP_SELF\" Method=\"post\">";
echo "<select name=\"selectfield\">";

// the variable $selectfield is, if set the value submitted by the form
$selectfield = $_POST["selectfield"];

while ($row=mysql_fetch_array($result)){
        echo "<option";
        // assuming the second element of this array holds your         
        // choices then
        if($selectfield == $row[1]){
                echo " selected";
        echo ">" . $row[1] . "</option>\n";
echo "</select>"

echo "<input type=\"submit\">\n";
echo "</form>";

i think this is a more straightforward solution for your problem...


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