On Saturday 12 January 2002 01:49, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> It happens a lot here that people ask questions that could easily be found
> by browsing the manual or searching the PHP FAQ and website.
> Some people really should read the FAQ and manual (php.net) when they have
> a question and preferrably search an archive of this list (deja.com).
> It really won't hurt to at least check those first chapters of the manual,
> so you know what answers you can find there.
> Also, a searchengine (google.com)  can answer almost any programming
> question.
> This would save the people on this list much time reading messages,
> answering (or referring to the FAQ, manual or previous posts) and will
> ultimately save yourself some time waiting for replies.

May I add that using an appropriate and descriptive subject text would 
increase the chances of questions being read and answered. It also helps 
others who may be having similar problems to easily determine which posts 
they should be reading.

Subjects like:

"Quick question"
"Please help!!!"

etc usually find their way into my trashcan without being read :)

my tuppence
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