Hi Dean,

> Does anyone know how to give a select pulldown box a default value
> from a PHP variable?

function generate_option_list ($key_value,$set) {
// This function will return option list and set the selected attribute
// $key_value : the associative array which contain the key and the value for each 
// $set : the value to be selected by deafult
// Usage: for example we want to have a dropdown list of month, and set February as 
//   $key_value=array("01"=>"January","02"=>"February",...);
//   $option_list=generate_option_list($key_value,"02");
//   //$option_list now contain text <option value='01'>January</option>
//   //                              <option value='02' selected>February</option>
// NOTE: This will only create the <OPTION> tag, without the <SELECT> tag

  while ( list($key,$value) = each($key_value) ) {
    if ($key==$set) {$var.="<option value='$key' selected>$value</option>";}
    else {$var.="<option value='$key'>$value</option>";}
  return $var;


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