On Monday 14 January 2002 10:08, Martin Towell wrote:
> you could try looking at http_referer or remote_host or something like
> that. Never tried it myself, but sounds like it'd work... dunno what the
> values for them would be though :(
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> Subject: [PHP] PHP and search engine???
> Importance: High
> Hi!
> is it possible to use include() to optimise the meta tags on our web
> pages?
> example:
> if yahoo.com is spidering our page the key word provided is a,b,c, ...
> if altavista.com is spidering then use key word.....etc..
> if it is possible how do i know that yahoo is spidering or altavista is
> spidering?

Please note that some search engines doesn't like to be 'fooled' in this 
manner. They'll probably stop indexing your website if they find out you're 
engaged in such practices :)

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