Not sure if this is off topic for this list or not, but thought I would try...

I have a Linux server running Redhat 7.0, PHP 4.1.1, and freetds 0.53. My Linux
server connects to a Win2k server running MSSQL 2000.

Everything works wonderfully, except, I have an image field in one of my tables
and I can't seem to find a way to pull it out without having PHP completely
freak out. (i.e. I get no error message at all just "page cannot be displayed")

So I'm wondering, can you pull image fields out with PHP? 

If so, I'm guessing my limitation is freetds. If not, is there any way to pull
an image out of a database using php? (i.e. store it in a different type of
field not image.)

Any help is appreciated,



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