Hi all,
I need to learn something about classes in PHP, that I could not understand what's going on really!?
For the following sample, what kind of class i need to create? how can i use?
For example,
I have X students X: from 1 to infinity...
With respect to student ID of them,
And for each students, I have  name,surname,addr,phone,email .... etc.. informations of them....
I want to create a class, such that, i can input info of students, for each student.
And for example, when I did this for 10 students,
I want to register with "session_register" and add/remove/change registered informarmations.
I tried to do,
but I could not understand the uses of classes clearly, so I could not do...
Thus soem body write me small code which includes a sample class and
adding/changing/deleting records for one student inside.
Can I register a valuable which is a class?  $mydata = new Students();   session_register("mydata"); ? is possible?
Do we have any restriction about registering a variable with respect to its type?
thanx... best regards...
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