On Tuesday 15 January 2002 17:24, Daniel Grace wrote:
> I'm using the PHP CGI (4.1.0) with Apache (1.3.22) (would rather use the
> module, but have a setup that requires suEXEC and the like and I've hacked
> a few things together to make things work and all that.) and have came up
> with a bit of a dilemma.
> I need a way to override the php.ini file at page load time, preferably via
> an .htaccess file. I know Apache supports the php_ini directive but this
> only works for the Apache module and not the CGI.
> Is there an equivalent to the php_ini directive available for the CGI
> version, perhaps in the form of an environment variable or whatnot? I seem
> to remember a way of setting php_short_open_tags=on or somesuch but may be
> wrong. (It also may be that suexec is filtering out all those nice
> environment variables and thus making it not seem to work, but I'd rather
> know for sure before I make more modifications to the file that the Apache
> group says not to modify...)

Some settings in php.ini can be changed at run-time using ini_set(). Check 
manual for details.

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