> I'm trying to compile php 4.1.1 and when it gets to the
> --with-apxs option it errors out with the following:
> Sorry, I was not able to successfully run APXS.  Possible reasons:
> 1.  Perl is not installed;

Some systems (eg Red Hat Linux) come with a version of the apxs tool, but
not the one that the PHP builder expects.  The builder is trying to use this
apxs, but it doesn't work as it expects.

Do a minimal build of apache from source code (without PHP) and install it.
This installs a working apxs into /usr/local/bin.  Now build PHP, then build
apache again, this time including the PHP module.

In my system, the builder found the working apxs without help.  If yours
does not, you have to tell the builder where to find it.


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