Jimmy wrote:

> Hi Daniel,
>>variables, but as part of the Content of the HTTP request. Here is a sample:
>>/~rafael/sms_mail/cliente.dcs.php?NotificationProtocolVersion=[EMAIL PROTECTED]&MessageType=email&[EMAIL PROTECTED]%3E&Subject=TST26&MessageReceivedTime=01/15/2002%2014:08:23
> in your php script, try to echo the passed param directly as variable,
> for example $NotificationProtocolVersion or $ApplicationName
> if it show the correct value, then you're lucky.
> otherwise, you have to parse the HTTP request.
> parse_str($QUERY_STRING);
> // after this you will have the $NotificationProtocolVersion variable

Well, I think Daniel means that he wants to use the body of the POST. 
I would guess that the GET variables are useful as usual.

I dunno how to do that from the top of my head, but imo Daniels server 
is broken since POST variables are sent in the body, but that is 
clearly no POST request at all. In this case PHP has no way of parsing 
the broken request. Or am I wrong here?

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