I've set up a new machine in a production environment to roll over an 
existing PHP script onto.  Unfortunately, I'm running into a strange error:

I have a login form, using fields named 'username' and 'password'.  These are 
also used as variables.  Using IE, the cookie never shows up as I would 
expect it to in the cookies directory.  Additionally, I can't login as the 
variables are returned as null values to the script.

Even stranger...I made a test.php that just echoes $username.  I call it with 
?username=test, and it works.  Then I try the script that sets cookies, and 
it doesn't work.  Then I go back to the same test.php request, and it doesn't 
show the value I passed to it (though it will show ones of other names that I 
didn't try to set in a cookie)!

I know the code is valid, as it's working fine on 2 other production machines.

I had PHP compiled into Apache, and just rebuilt both using APXS...same 

This is the code that I'm passing $username to, that totally screws things 
up, but works on other machines:

if ($username != null) {
        $time = mktime()+3600;
        $date = gmdate("D, d-M-Y H:i:s", ($time));
        header ('Set-Cookie: username='.$username.'; expires='.$date.' GMT; path=/;    

Restarting IE makes the test.php page work again...nothing else.  Please, if 
anybody could assist or ask me for any other information required to 
diagnose, I would be very thankful.  I need to get this working ASAP, and 
have been fighting it to no avail for the past few hours.

Casey Allen Shobe

'Why do people with closed minds always open their mouths?'

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