Check out when you can use " and '

  Any number of ' inside " gets printed and $vars are parsed (i.e,
'interpreted by php')

  Any number of " inside of ' gets printed and $vars are NOT parsed.

  echo "<script style="javascript">"; is wrong because you start at the
first " and the after the second " you have a 'j', from Javascript.

  Another two possibilities:

1) You escape the "s:
echo "<script style=\"javascript\">";

2) You put " inside ' so it will get printed:
echo '<script style="javascript">';

  Hope it helps,


Julio Nobrega.

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"Phil Schwarzmann" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hello, im brand new to the mailing list and fairly new to PHP.
> I apologize if this topic has come up before but...I'm having trouble
> embedding javascript (in particular - image rollovers) into my PHP
> script.  When the page loads, I get errors for each of the javascript
> calls within my script.
> I'm using 'echo' to display my data.
> Any help??
> Thanks so much!
> -Phil
> baltimore

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