> > I am experiencing a lot of Signal 11's when I compile PHP 4.1.1 into my
> > Apache server on my FreeBSD 4.5-RC machine.  If I compile the -exact-
> > Apache configuration with PHP 4.0.6, it works fine.  As soon as I switch
> > 4.1.1, it causes Signal 11's (and sometimes 10's) when I load certain
> > It seems that it crashes when the pages have mySQL database access on
> > and are fairly complex (I was thinking perhaps a memory problem?)
> You somtimes get 10's?  That's a SIGUSR1 and not something that will take
> down your server.  It would actually cause a graceful restart of Apache,
> but I don't see how anything we do in PHP could cause spurious sig10's.
> Get a backtrace of one of the sig11's.  Without that there isn't much hope
> of us tracking this down.

No, it doesn't take the server down.  It kills one of the child processes
off and apache starts a new one.  And yes, it's sig 10's and sig 11's
interchangeably.  I re-complied everything from scratch to make sure it's
not a glitch and I get the same results now.  How can you backtrace
something?  I'm not a C developer, so I don't really know what you're
talking about.


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