> * On 15-01-02 at 12:09 
> * Yogesh Mahadnac said....
>>     Hi all! I want to develop a search engine in PHP for a 
>> portal that I'm working on at the moment, and I'd be glad if 
>> someone could please show me how to do it, or if anyone knows 
>> of a link where i can find a tutorial for that.
> I don't think PHP is really a very good language for a genuine www
> search engine. (although it works very well on site-wide basis)
> I'm sure more knowledgeable people than I can make some alternative
> suggestions but I'm certain that PHP won't be the best tool 
> for the job.

I would concur with what everyone else is saying. If you need a search
engine and you have system-level access on your machine, your best
bet is to set up either htdig or mnogosearch (open source search
engine packages) because they already have done the hard work of 
figuring out fuzzy matching and search ranking.


Alternatively, if you are using a database you can use some tricky sql 
statements to search your records for the user's search query. Here's 
a good tutorial that should get you started on this route:



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