Hi everyone :

  I got a amagzing problem about javascipt after integrate to php.  PHP will
modify the ouput of javascipt, produce the error when first load that page.
However, reload this page, no error.

Orginal javascipt:

function f31(v31,v23,ocjs,hrck,cn)
  return "<a onclick=\""+ocjs+"\"

Become :

function f31(v31,v23,ocjs,hrck,cn)
  return "<a onclick="\"""+ocjs+"\"

Add extra " "............., this produce error...... but reload is

And i try this page file extension to .htm then everything is ok....
therefore i think php did some pre-process before send ouput.

I try to turn off magic quote setting in php.ini but still have a problem.

Thank for you help

Vincent Ma

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