Hi all !!!

I've made a PHP script which takes IP's of my network (x.x.x.2 -> x.x.x.254)
and then uses GetHostByName() to resolv names of the machines if they exist.
(This is in order to check for free IP's and redo my DHCP config)

But this only works for my own machine, because I filled my /etc/hosts with 
it's address and name... PHP (Or Linux) doesn't try to check "outside" 

What can i do ???
Do I have to lauch any kind of daemon to resolve names ???
Most of my machines are addressed by DHCP.

Note : Same kind of program written with C++ returns " Unknown Host"

 ( > Nicolas Costes
 //\\  IUT de La Roche / Yon
'-<<  http://luxregina.free.fr

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