There not much documentation in the online manual about eregi. Apart from
the usage I need to know more about what regx it uses,

in the linux shell , using grep i got it right for my needs ..

I want to find and reject content with email address ..

[desiredating@opie desiredating]$ echo "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" | grep "@*\."
[desiredating@opie desiredating]$ echo "meet me @ 8" | grep "@*\."

the above is correct and fine , but see below , it doesnt work in php ( the
same regular expression doesnt )

if (eregi("@.\.",$about_me))
        include "error_msg/error_email_in_profile.php";
        $error =1 ;


What regular expression do i neep to use , is there any reference out there
to tell me ?
Urls / info is greatly appreciatted.

Thanks in advance !!

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