Book, I don't know. I'd suggest starting with the Guides at the Linux 
Documentation Project,
and work from there, and don't forget the HOWTO's.

The Linux System Admininstrators Guide was updated in Novemer, 2001 and
The Linux Network Administrators Guide was updated in March 2000, but 
contains info on iptables and the 2.4 kernel.
The DNS HOWTO was updated in December 2001.

I've found if I start with those, I quickly find out what I can't 
understand, and I'm in a better position to appraise a book when I reach 
that part of the process and spend my $$$ more wisely. I've seen some which 
just rehash the Guides and howto's.

Linux Magazine had a pretty decent article on DNS several months back. That 
might be on line now, and could be helpful. Then maybe you'd be ready to 
plunge into O'Reilly's DNS and BIND. <g> Pretty massive topic.

If you've been through all this stuff, then at least you will know what 
book is right when you see one. I'm interested in hearing what others will 

Miles Thompson

At 10:58 AM 1/16/2002 -0800, Dennis Gearon wrote:
>There are a MILLION linux news/listgroups, I didn't know which one to go 
>to. But
>I knew someof you guys/gals use linux, (and proudly wear the 'nerd inside'
>Soooo. slightly OT, but what is the best linux book out there, aimed at
>Thanks in advance.
>PS, the binary cloud project, made from PHP, is going very well.
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