At 10:58 AM 1/16/2002 -0800, Police Trainee wrote:
> > >in a nutshell:
> > >if ("150.200.250.x" is within
> > >$REMOTE_ADDR){dowhatever}

There are a couple of different ways to accomplish this.  One is:

if (strpos($REMOTE_ADDR,"150.200.250.") !== false) {
   //do whatever

You have to be careful with strpos()...note the !== operator which is 
required because strpos() can return an integer 0 meaning "I found your 
string at position 0", or it can return a boolean FALSE indicating "I 
didn't find your string at all".  If you don't use the extra = then you 
won't know the difference between those two cases, since an integer 0 is 
implicitly converted to boolean FALSE if you aren't also checking for 
variable type.  This will especially cause a problem in your case, because 
the string you are searching for will ALWAYS be found at position 0 if it's 
found at all.  BTW, I include the trailing period so that you don't 
accidentally match an ip such as ""

The second way is to use a regular expression:

if (ereg("^150\.200\.250",$REMOTE_ADDR)) {
   //do whatever

The trailing period isn't necessary here because I'm using the ^ symbol 
which anchors the match to the beginning of the string.

To me the second example is more intuitive but is probably less efficient 
in terms of execution time...

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