Hi DL,

> ="session" is not the correct word/its use is potentially confusing
> (perhaps that's why it's in quotes?) - persistence refers to the
> continuing connection between PHP and MySQL.

yup, you're right.
session is not the correct word, but i can't find the
correct/easy word to subtitute session, so i just use session
but put it inside quotes :)

> However it is also possible that in order to save time the LAST_ID
> information is built into the resultset coming back from the INSERT -
> thus when mysql_insert_id() is called PHP would not need to go back
> to MySQL/last_insert_id().

yes, what you said could be true also.

Well, there's only one way to be sure how mysql_insert_id() works...read
the source code of PHP :) but unfortunately I dont have the source code,
and even if I do, I won't read it, because I am lousy at reading someone's

nice discussion, Neil :)

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