After some trial and [much] error, I finally have the latest version of 
PHP (4.0.6??) and MySQL running under Mac OSX 10.1.2. And they seem to 
be working... sort of.

The only problem is when I try to load some pages that use the PHP 
Session ID function. Now, these exact pages--the whole site in fact--is 
already running without incident on my ISP (FatCow), and has been for a 
while. So I figure there must be a configuration issue to deal with. In 
any case, here are the errors when the page loads (and that's also 
interesting, it does load). If any of you can shed light on this, I 
would very much appreciate it. Thanks.

Warning: Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent 
(output started at 
/Users/rene/Sites/smartslitters/jupiter/europa/ in 
/Users/rene/Sites/smartslitters/jupiter/europa/ on line 19

Warning: Unable to save MySQL query result in 
/Users/rene/Sites/smartslitters/jupiter/europa/ on line 44

Warning: Supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in 
/Users/rene/Sites/smartslitters/jupiter/europa/ on line 45


René Fournier

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