I also just discovered how to check for these keys with no value as isset() will 
return false:


   $arr = array("foo" => "bar");
   $arr["foo"] = NULL;
   print_r($arr); // you can see "foo" is still there
   if (array_key_exists("foo", $arr))
      echo("it's there!");

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Yes, I read that one on this list and it reminded me 
of a problem where i used $Arr['cyanide'] = NULL;
because the key was still defined after this.

never figured unset() would do the trick because I 
always did = NULL.


On Wed, 16 Jan 2002 17:45:21 -0500, Erik Price wrote:

>This is a good one I just learned last week -- unset the variable.  That 
>from what I understand, the discovery of this easy way to do this was 
>accidental.  See the second annotation of "array_splice()" in the PHP 
>manual here for the details:  

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