I have a script which uploads an image to a directory within web root
(on Redhat 7.0).  Whilst the dir itself was created via FTP, the images
of course have been written to the dir via a PHP script.

When I try to FTP a copy of the images down to my local hard disk, I get
"permission denied".

What's happening here?  My guess is the following:

Things like this performed by PHP are not attached to me (the user)...
they're probably performed by nobody or root or something, hence I (the
FTP user and account holder) don't own the uploaded file, and the
permissions set for the file by default are not wide enough to permit me
to download it, rename it, etc.


So, then what do I need to do?  Does the script which uploads the file
have to change the owner anmd permissions of the file?

Justin French

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