I recommend you to use javascript for this one. That way you can make
sure that client sees the message exactly for time you've decided (like
3 seconds).

a) Just do It
b) Just do It
c) JavaScript for this one, launched _after_ page has loaded completely
(use <Body onLoad="script()"> -tag for that)
d) Times up. location.href will take you where you want.


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From: Simos Varelakis [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] 
Sent: 17. tammikuuta 2002 14:37
Subject: [PHP] Display a mesagge and redirect (newbie)

Hi to everyone

I want to do the following and i dont know if its possible with php code

a) run a mysql query
b) display a simpe message
c) delay few seconds
d)auto redirect to a page

can I do this with php
i know how to do a) and b) and I can't do c) and d)

note that if i try d) with function header ("location URL'")  got an
error for headers already send :-(

Thanks in advance for your help and time

Best regards


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