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> on 1/14/02 12:06 PM, Michael Sciascia at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>> The last and *most important* thing left to do is to start sendmail, but I
>> always get errors like:
>> A) "Failed to start sendmail : 451 4.0.0 /etc/mail/sendmail.cf: line 81:
>> fileclass: cannot open /etc/mail/local-host-names: Group writable directory"
>> B) "Failed to start sendmail : /etc/mail/sendmail.cf: WARNING: dangerous
>> write permissions 451 4.0.0 /etc/mail/sendmail.cf: line 81: fileclass:
>> cannot open /etc/mail/local-host-names: Group writable directory"

Hi everybody,
Yesterday I created a new partition on my HD just to work with php, mysql
and apache.

I installed again everything and also Webmin to manage more easily the
various servers settings.
I also changed, in the Apache httpd.conf  file, the "ServerAdmin" (to my
e-mail address) and "ServerName" (to Localhost or values.

I activated sendmail following your tips and the one found in the web and
this time it started regularly without giving me the messages written above.

So I believe that before I might have had made something wrong trying to
change the configurations settings :-)

Unfortunately I still got an annoying problem. When I use a php script to
send e-mails via a form on a web page I get the right message "e-mail has
been sent", as it always did, but I still can't get this e-mail anywhere :-(
I also created an UNIX mail account in the "Mail" application according to
some other tips I found to better work with sendmail, but I didn't get
anything there too.

Looking in the sendmail configuration with Webmin I see that the message
sent by the php script is queued and that it isn't possible to send it
because the host "www@localhost" isn't correct.
In some web sites I found that I should change, in the hostconfig file, the
value "Hostname = AUTOMATIC" to "Hostname = my domain" (which should be my
IP or DNS) 

What isn't really clear to me is which domain I have to write here.
I have an ISDN connection, so I don't have a static IP address and I don't
know about the DNS.

How do you usually check if a php script has really sent the e-mail to the
address in the script?
In the book I am using to approach to php this isn't explained, so I believe
it should be something really easy to do. The book is for really and
*absolute* beginners and everything is explained in a clear and exhaustive
way. It also has a CD-ROM with mysql, php & apache and it clearly explains
how to install them, but there isn't written anything about setting
something special to let the e-mail scripts work (well actually something
just for Windows and not for Linux or other *nix based systems like Mac OS
Which values do you think I should write in the hostconfig file? My usual
provider domain (i.e. www.tiscali.it)?

Sorry to bother you again with so many question I would really appreciate
any help you would give me, as I don't seem so good at looking for
information on the web :-(

Thanks again a lot for the previous and useful replies.

Have a great time.


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