> Here is the error...
> Warning: Unable to jump to row 1 on MySQL result index 2 in
> /blahblahblah/patient/display_search_results.php on line 39

This means that the query you executed didn't return enough
rows to count up to ... 1.

> Here is the code on line 39....
> $d = mysql_result($result, $c, "id");
> the field "id" is an auto_increment column.
> $c is an exsisting row in the query, $result.
> Any help? 

Yes, it looks like $result doesn't contain anything, so maybe
your SQL is messed up. When you execute queries, you should

  if ($result = mysql_query($sql, $mysql_connection))
    // It worked, proceed
    // It didn't work, die.
    echo "MySQL failed: ".mysql_error();

... that will tell you what went wrong.

> Is there a way to tell MySQL to shut the hell up on certain
> pages?

Yes, if you put a @ in front of any function call it will 
supress error messages. However, it's a better idea to fix
the cause of the error messages :)


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