: Chris,
: \n = *nix
: \r = Mac
: \r\n = PC
: (now that you've 'dropped' "MS Notepad" into the conversation...) The
simplest M$ tools content themselves with
: black blocks (apparently not being interested in your comfort), but
the more sophisticated tools will sometimes
: oblige...
: =dn

Excellent, it would appeared to have been a combination of the quotes
and the right newline command that was the problem, I had in fact tried
various combinations of the two, but apparently not quite hit the right
one. Like I said, it was something totally obvious. Guess it was just a
case of not seeing the wood for the trees.

I would have mentioned the "MS Notepad" usage earlier, only it was 4:30
in the morning when I decided to ask about it, so my mind wasn't exactly
in a high gear. But it's sorted now, so cheers to both you and Jason for
helping out!


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