I have a for loop in which a variable $privid reads and stores the content
from a xmlfile in the form of a string.. the string has 5 different

I want to call this variable $privid outside the loop like this...

                  for($y_au=0; $y_au<sizeof($priv); $y_au++) 
                        $this->privid = $childNodes[$y]->content ;
                        print $this->privid; // here the variale privid
stores and prints all the 5 values as a string..

function id() {
        print $this->privid; // here only the last value of in the string is
being printed ..WHY??? and how can I resolve this??
        return $this->privid;  // RETURNS ONLY THE LAST VALUE IN THE
STRING.. Why??


Thanks in adv.:)

p.S: I tried using an array within the for loop (had posted yest about it..)
but makes no diff..


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