py wrote:
> Do you guys really think PHP should be in computer science curriculum?
> In my curriculum (in canada) I learned C/C++, Software Design (database
> architecture and OO Design), SQL, Unix and Networks (OSI, TCP-IP and HTTP
> mainly)
> There was no Perl, Python, PHP, ASP, JSP and even no VB...
> I think it's more important to learn Programming than it is to learn PHP. I
> know for a fact that some of our
> teachers knew about PHP, but still they decide to teach the class in C. And
> I happy they did.
> Now if your school has no PHP server, why don't you suggest and offer to
> install it?
> That's what we did, we made it run on a small machine on Linux first than
> with the
> help of the university sys admin, we installed it on a Unix server. The sys
> admin is
> now very happy to do his web stuff in PHP instead of Perl :)
> just my canadien 2 cents... (1.14 cent US ;) )
> py
> At 03:46 AM 1/18/2002 -0200, you wrote:
> >Hello,
> >
> >Francesco Gallarotti wrote:
> > >
> > > I am a student in a college in NY state. Here we have several servers and
> > > dozens of courses on computer science. No server is PHP ready and no course
> > > instructor knows anything about PHP. Why do you think this is happening? I
> > > really like PHP and I am using it in my personal website to work with some
> > > text files and a small database. Why PHP is so not popular in the computer
> > > science teaching area?
> >

Most University CS departments prefer to teach programming using a more
structured language with stronger type casting. It is much easier to
move from a structured language to a language like perl or PHP than the
reverse after graduation. At our university we offer special topics
courses that are not on the curriculum when requested by students -
courses on PHP perl visual basic. Maybe you should talk to the CS
department head about special topic classes or department sponsored user
discussion groups.
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