On Fri, 2002-01-18 at 13:54, Darren Gamble wrote:
> Good day,
> The reason that the first statement doesn't work as intended is due to the
> order that the operands are processed.
> The operands in the line:
> "<td>" . ($i*8)+$j . "</td>"
> are being processed like this:
> ("<td>" . ($i*8))+($j . "</td>")
> If you change the line to:
> "<td>" . (($i*8)+$j) . "</td>"
> then you'll get the desired result.
> Rule of thumb: Use parenthesis whenever you have a complex operation to
> ensure the result is what you want.

Hmmm - so my assumption that the concatenation operator between the
strings gives them a delination equivalent to listing this as three
separate echo statements is incorrect, I take it.

Shouldn't the echo function process it in this manner from a standpoint
of consistency?

Thanks for the clarification.


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