I'd like to disable certain functions for a particular virtual host, and 
leave them as is for all the rest. 

The usual way to do this would be to include something like:

php_admin_value disable_functions system,exec

in the virtual host's configuration block. However, this doesn't work, and 
scripts are still able to use the disabled functions.

phpinfo() shows "system,exec" under "local value" for disable_functions, 
which would seem to indicate that the configuration is correct, even 
though it doesn't work.

I made a little experiment and added those functions to php.ini's 
disable_function directive, and in this case it works perfectly, and the 
specified functions are disabled.

I'm wondering if I'm missing something here, or is this a known problem 
with PHP? This is PHP 4.0.6 running on OpenBSD 2.9 with Apache 1.3.19.

I guess I can live without disabling those functions on one particular 
virtualhost, but I'd sleep better knowing they are disabled.

Thanks in advance!

        - Daniel Manrique

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