The work on FUDforum has finally been completed, so I thought to let the PHP 
users and developers know about it since they may be interested in this 
project. It has finally reached the stage where I feel it is mostly bug free 
and is ready for its debut.
You can download FUDforum tar ball from, 
and should be pretty easy to install using the provided installation script.
I've also made a "demo" forum, which you play with, both as user and as admin 

Here is just a quick list of features that I can recall of the top of my head:

Core features.

    * Ability to use FUDcode, HTML or Plain Text inside posts, configurable 
by the admin
    * Administrator definable ranks for the users bases on number of posts as 
well as assign an unlimited number of custom tags to individual users
    * Built in spell checker (using the pspell library)
    * Private Messaging system, with post tracking & buddy lists
    * Ignore list, allows forum members to ignore posts made by other users.
    * CSS control panel, allowing the admin to easily customize the forum's 
look & feel
    * Optional Threaded View (by default standard flat view is used, like 
UBB,VBulletin, phpBB, etc...)
    * Customizable Find and Replace system, which fully supports both perl 
regexp (preg) and php regexp (ereg) and even str_replace for extremely fast 
simple replaces

The usual features you may have come to expect from forum software

    * Posting/Replying and editing of topics and messages
    * Sticky/Announcement messages which stay on top of the forum until they 
reach their expire date
    * Custom Avatars upload with administrator approval and automatic scaling 
(if ImageMagick's mogrify utility is installed)
    * Emoticon (smilies) Support, with an easy to use admin control panel, 
which allows the admin to add/remove and edit smilies
    * Post notification system, which can send notifications via Email & ICQ
    * Unlimited number of forum moderators
    * Hidden, Private, Moderated and Password protected forums
    * Moderation queue, in moderated forums all unapproved messages can be 
viewed by the moderator and approved or deleted on the spot.
    * Email confirmation of registered users (can't post until the email 
address is confirmed)
    * Specialized HTML like FUDcode that allows styling of messages, the 
advantage of FUDcode over HTML is that FUDcode will never break layout.
    * Banning of users by their username and/or IP or IP Mask, Email address 
filter or Login name filter (full regexp support)
    * Multiple file uploads per post (configurable by the administrator for 
each forum)
    * File extension control, allowing/disallowing certain file extensions
    * Fully customizable header & footer which can support PHP code
    * Language filter (full regexp), which allows the admin to replace 
certain offensive words
    * Full support for Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)
    * Automatic lost password retrieval
    * Search Engine
    * MD5 passwords (128 Bit encryption)
    * Thread locking by Administrators & Moderators
    * Easy to use installation PHP or Shell script
    * Unread Posts Tracking, you can automatically see which posts you have 
not yet read
    * Extensive message filtering, by date, read/unread, forum, thread, reply 
    * Message reporting, allows visitors to report inappropriate messages to 
the Administrator
    * Robust MySQL back-end, with a virtually unlimited number of messages 
(up to 2^32 messages)
    * Cookie based tracking system backed by Sessions in the event the user 
cannot use cookies.
    * Polls if allowed, users can create on or more polls on their messages
    * Forum & Thread subscription system with an easy to use control panel. 
Allows users to subscribe & unsubscribe from forums & threads.
    * I-SPY system, if enabled it allows forum members to see what the other 
users on the forum are doing.

There are more, but I won't bore you more so then necessary, I am sure you'll 
find'em out if you decide to try this thing out.

Ilia Alshanetsky
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