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* On 19-01-02 at 13:14 
* Hassan Khan said....

> Dear Sir,
> I am facing the problem with the PHP configuration. Whenever I try to load 
> the php_oci8.dll. It gives me an error
> "Unable to load dynamic library 'C:\php\extensions\php_oci8.dll' - The 
> specified module could not be found"
> I have tried my best to resolve this problem but all in vain. Please let me 
> know if there is any solution for that.
> I am using Windows2000 and Oracle 8.1.7 and IIS 5 Web Server.
> If there is any extra library that I need to load then please tell me about 
> that and how to get it.

Not sure about that but there are some good 'all-in-one' packages that
will install Apache, MySQL and PHP on your machine. You can get the
links here www.explodingnet.com/articles/latest/7 

Oh, and please use a more descriptive subject if you mail the list again
it helps people decide what they would like to read :)

Good luck!
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